Stayu Kasabov

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Flash Player 6 / Action Script 2 multimedia website and interactive book dedicated to Perperikon — one of the most valuable archaeological monuments in Bulgaria.
Note: In memory of Macromedia Flash Player.

In 2003 ING Bank has committed to the development and maintenance of a website for the ancient town of Perperikon.

My company Nuvizus Communications has implemented a content management system and design to client specification. The web project received several prestigious awards. In search of an emotional user experience and a wider audience, ING Bank commissioned the creation of an interactive version. The product was replicated and distributed on a CD.

I’ve had a goal to achieve a balance between a functional interface and an emotional user experience. For this purpose, a sepia color scheme and an illustrative style of…

Stayu Kasabov

Designer & Artist. 20+ years career. Ex Web Design Company owner. I write about Design, Design Process and Creative Inspiration.

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